Internet Updates

The world’s leading search engine, Google, is regularly updating its search logarithms and other search factors to satisfy the needs for the web users. They always keep in mind what people want to see in these search pages. The new and updated websites are always given the first search pages. Hence, one needs to get the latest Google updates so as to keep abreast with the current trends. Below is coverage of the latest Google updates.

Go white hat: With the many search engine optimization experts today, one can only divide them into white and black hat. The white hats like SEO Agency Brisbane basically optimize their websites using the correct methods and standards. Black hats on the other hand, are SEO specialists who use unethical practices to optimize their websites, a method that Google dislikes. Such unethical practices include: link scheming, keyword bulking as well as content duplication. Their ranking is usually temporary. With this update, Google is able to shame such practices by keeping SEO strict. This is to mean that all websites should have the proper keyword density, proper back linking as well as high quality content so that they can secure a rank in the first search pages. This update is aimed at recommending or highly preferring those websites that use the proper procedures in their search engine optimization.

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Penguin 2.0 is now available. With Penguin, the Google update, black hat SEO experts have been made more vulnerable to punishment by Google. This is to make them shun away from the manipulative as well as the underhand practices when ranking their websites. Search Engine Optimization has been in existence for a long time and with each year being more competitive. This is brought by SEO marketers eyeing for the top spots on the Search Engine Result Pages. Recently, Google launched the Penguin version 2.0. With this update Google has the upper hand in targeting these black hat SEO professionals. It is aimed at punishing those who duplicate web content, stuff keywords in their websites and have irrelevant back links in their websites. Hence, SEO marketers should take it upon themselves to observe the ethical practices as well as promoting healthy competition in order to stay at the top.

In conclusion, all these SEO Google updates are aimed at improving the quality of the search results. This is to give the web searchers an easy time when seeking knowledge from the internet. Scam websites are therefore illegal and Google has made the necessary efforts to punish such unprofessionalism by lowering their ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages. All SEO marketing companies should strive to provide their clients with the proper SEO marketing for their websites like Jigsaw Concepts does as this will increase their readership as well as protect them from punishment by the search Engines.


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